Things You Need To Know About Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

yellow Sapphire engagement rings

Yellow Sapphire reminds us of summer mode as their bright, crisp brilliance sparkles that put our mind in the late August sun. The yellow Sapphire engagement rings have gained popularity because of two reasons. Firstly, they are quite affordable and secondly, they are popular because of celebrity’s yellow diamond engagement rings.

Many brides want to have their engagement rings similar to that of yellow diamonds, but don’t want to have a high price tag. Hence, for all the brides it is possible to sparkle with the shine of yellow diamonds in low price and for that Pukhraj Gemstone is the best alternative.

So, these days yellow sapphire engagement rings are a popular choice among brides as the stone comes in a wide range of yellows i.e. from light to dark. Yellow Sapphire gemstone has a wide range of cuts and shades due to which they are the best replacement of yellow sapphire diamonds.

If you are going to purchase yellow Sapphire gemstone then, this blog will tell you about some facts about yellow Sapphire gemstone that are essential for you to know.

Colors of Yellow Sapphire for Your Ring:

There are many shades in yellow sapphire gemstone that ranges from natural pastel light yellow and lemon yellow to the deep orangey yellow or golden yellow. Well, it depends on the person’s choice as all colors are magnificent. Always go for a color that is liked by you and your partner the most. The value of sapphire depends on the brightness of the yellow color that means the brighter and purer the yellow color, more will be the value of sapphires.

The trace element iron is the main reason for the yellow coloration in sapphires. In other words, more the iron concentration, more will be the color saturation and hence the sapphire will be of richer color. Yellow Sapphire gemstones are also treated either by low-level radiation within the earth or by lab-induced irradiation. The color of irradiated yellow Sapphires fades away with exposure to light and heat. has a wide range of colors in yellow Sapphire gemstone and does not go through this irradiation treatment.

different colors of Yellow Sapphire

Different Cuts for Yellow Sapphire Ring:

Cut is the primary factor that affects the sparkle of sapphire. Cut refers to the facets on the gem’s surface that allow light and color to shine through it.

Yellow Sapphires with well cuts are easy to find as compared to other sapphire colors. If the stone is light, then a good cut is very important, whereas if the cut is not that much more perfect in dark gemstones still the stone can look lively and dramatic.

Different cuts

Meaning of Yellow Sapphire Rings:

Yellow Sapphire brings wisdom and prosperity to the wearer. It is considered as September birthstone, the Zodiac gem for Virgo. Yellow Sapphire gemstone can be also gifted on the fifth and 45th wedding anniversary. Yellow Sapphire is widely used in Vedic Astrology and is believed as a gemstone for good luck and good energy.

Yellow Sapphire Engagement rings:

You can choose and customize your engagement rings by choosing the metal. The light yellow Sapphire gemstone will look better in silver colored metals such as platinum and white gold. On the other hand, the richer yellow stones tend to suit in metals such as rose or yellow gold.

Some Facts about Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:


Basically, in yellow Sapphires the best clarity grade is Perfection, which means that the stone is completely clear to the naked eye. After that the grading is VVS (Very Very Slightly included) and VS (Very Slightly included) grading, which means the inclusions are very small and cannot affect the sapphire’s appearance. In general, Yellow Sapphires have fewer inclusions than any other colors but still it is advisable to take the stone with lower inclusions.


Sources of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Yellow Sapphires are mainly found in Sri Lanka and other sources of Yellow Sapphire gemstone are Tanzania, Thailand, Australia and Madagascar. It is important for you to know that the price of yellow sapphire is not affected by the mining origin.

Heat treatment

Traditional heating is used for yellow sapphires to enhance the color and transparency of stone. offers untreated yellow sapphire gemstones because we think that the untreated sapphire has the real beauty. We provide the gemstones that are certified by GemLab and certification contains all the information related to gemstone.


The fine quality natural yellow sapphires are still rare. In the previous times jewelers recognize only m=blue sapphires until 1980 when some dealers in Thailand did experiments on pale yellow sapphires. The experiments were successful and yellow sapphires were cheap.


Yellow Sapphires are composed of trace elements of iron which is responsible for their color. Yellow Sapphires are incredibly tough and scratch resistant with hardness of 9 on Mohs Scale.



The price of pukhraj gemstone vary according to the size and quality of stone. . If you were not able to buy a yellow diamond ring, then, you can choose yellow sapphire ring which has same brilliance and also within your price range. You can customize your yellow sapphire ring by choosing its price, carat weight.

Wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone for Mental Strengthening



The astrological gemstone of yellow sapphire, popularly known as Pukhraj, is related with the largest and heaviest planet Jupiter or Guru, the Teacher. Just like the teacher sharpens our intellect and imparts knowledge to us, the planet Jupiter governs the wisdom and knowledge of the native. Being the teacher or the educator gives this planet a position superior to the rest of the planets and also places yellow sapphire among the most valuable gemstones. It is associated with higher knowledge, clarity of thought and great intuition of mind. Therefore, the alluring yellow sapphire is the gemstone of wise judgment and mental strength. The reason behind this fact is the magical power of yellow sapphire for having a calming influence on the mind, which combats stress and tension to provide clarity of thought and reasoning. In this way, it helps restore the mental equilibrium and in the process, supports concentration and intellect.


Here are some ways in which this classic gemstone influences your intellect in a positive manner:

  1. Enhances Creativity

Yellow sapphire is helpful in putting an end to mental tensions and opening the mind to knowledge and creativity. Clearer thoughts become a pathway to new and creative ideas, which can be put into action for extraordinary results. The wearer realizes what he is capable of and develops a new confidence in him, which takes him a long way ahead.

  1. Improves Focusing Ability

As a gemstone, natural yellow sapphire gives positive vibes, giving it the ability to bring clarity in thoughts and vision of the native. The native becomes able to focus on his goals and put his ideas into action for achieving success in life. Decision making capability is also enhanced by wearing this gemstone.

  1. Generates Spiritual Understanding

Besides making a person wise in the materialistic sense, yellow sapphire generates spiritual understanding too. It gives the wearer a higher knowledge and inspires wisdom in the spiritual sense. Just as the Teacher does for his pupils, Jupiter brings the higher order wisdom for the wearer, as it is strengthened by wearing a yellow sapphire.

  1. Supports Academic Intelligence

Yellow sapphire is particularly beneficial for students pursuing higher education as it has the power to sharpen the intelligence and learning abilities of an individual. Wearing a yellow sapphire can take the wearer to new heights of education as well as career.


Why Some Yellow Sapphire is Being Sold at Higher Price and Others at Low Price? Find out the Reason

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

People often complain and ponder that why some gemstones are quite expensive and why others are cheap and easy to afford. Especially, talking about the yellow sapphire gemstone which is stated to be a precious stone. They often wonder why some yellow sapphire stones are being sold at higher price and why others are being sold at reasonable price.

Factors Responsible for Deciding The Price of Yellow Sapphire

Hence, there is a justifiable reason behind this phenomenon. The price of a yellow sapphire gemstone depends upon the various factors such as cut, carat, weight, color and inclusions within the internal structure of the stone. Basically, a precious stone or any gemstone quality lies on these four factors. For instance, if a yellow sapphire gemstone contains less inclusions, excellent color, weight, origin and shape it will be highly valued. On the other hand, if a pukhraj or yellow sapphire stone contains a large number of foreign elements, inferior color or less attractive color, origin, weight and shape it will be considered as low quality yellow sapphire.

Practically, there are two types of yellow sapphire stones spotted around the world Natural yellow sapphire and Synthetic Yellow Sapphire Stone.

Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone:

A natural yellow sapphire stone is an original stone having less number of inclusions and excellent physical and meta-physical attributes. These stones are obtained from the mines and dense forests. And these stones are real and pure in a way. The above-mentioned qualities of the natural yellow sapphire makes it so expensive and valuable. However, it is extremely daunting task to spot a real yellow sapphire.

Synthetic or lab created yellow sapphire

Whereas, a synthetic yellow sapphire stone is not derived from any rock or natural resources. In fact, it is being designed inside the laboratory using different tools and techniques. However, the worth of these lab created Yellow sapphire can’t be compared with original pukhraj stone. The price of synthetic yellow sapphire is comparatively low to the real yellow sapphire.

Nonetheless, several gem dealers in order to churn out huge profit sell fake or lab created yellow sapphire labeling it as a real yellow sapphire. But, one should not buy artificial yellow sapphire if he/she has planned to acquire astrological benefits out of it. Always buy original yellow sapphire from reputed gemstone dealers prevailing online.

Thus, after going from the above-mentioned point, now it would be clear to you that why some yellow sapphire stones are being sold at higher prices and why others at reasonable prices. The quality of a gemstone becomes the primary factor in deciding the cost of yellow sapphire stone.

How Does heat Treatment Impact Yellow sapphire Gemstone


Yellow sapphire Stone Specification: Yellow sapphire Gemstone is composed of Aluminum Oxide (AI 2O3).The specific gravity ranges between 3.99 and 4.00 and the refractive index range is between 1.760-1.768 and 1.770-1.779. The hardness on the Mohs scale is 9. It is the next hardest mineral, diamond being the hardest. Yellow sapphire is so alluring among people due to its dynamic color, property, enchanting power, and durability. Yellow sapphire gemstone color varies from light yellow to deep yellow stone due to iron and chromium. These two minerals are entirely responsible for its dynamic colors. This gemstone can be worn in the form of elegant ring, magnificent necklace and other jewelry forms.

A set of treatments are performed in order to enhance the quality of yellow sapphire gemstone. The treatments like color treatment, heat treatment and beryllium treatments are considered as the best treatments that can be performed on original yellow sapphire stone. Nonetheless, the heat treatment is considered to be one of the oldest methods which are widely being preferred to improve the quality of the stone.

The sapphires are deposited inside volcano’s or deep forest, rocks and mines. Therefore, when these sapphires have been excavated from these places; they appear dull, bigger in size and not feasible for the usage of human being. Thus, in order to make this stone usable for human being above listed treatments are being performed on this stone. As, today, we are talking about heat treatment categorically, so we will discuss that how does it impact on a rough yellow sapphire stone.

Heat treatment actually means heating yellow sapphire or mineral on extremely high temperature to dissolve all the impurities and improve the color and other important properties of this stone. The sapphires are heated over extreme temperature of 170000 c for a precise time period. This heat treatment will help in improving the color and dissolving impurities. In the course of the time, the importance of heat treatment has increased widely due to its capacity of transferring a pale looking gemstone into a clean and highly lustrous gemstone.

Therefore, on the basis of above explanation, we can say that the heat treatment creates positive impact on the yellow sapphire stone by improving its grading and color characteristics. Besides, heat treatment, there are other treatments like beryllium and chemical, color treatments are performed on this stone. Albeit the heat treatments keep the most significant importance in the list of all treatments that are performed on the sapphire. Know the method of wearing pukhraj stone.

Why Yellow Sapphire is Called Fortune Stone


Yellow sapphire stone is considered to be the most auspicious and benevolent stone for the fact that it can suit to everyone. The precious yellow sapphire belongs to the auspicious planet Jupiter. It is being said by the astrologers that Jupiter is the mostbenevolent planet and it has got the reputation of teacher among the other planets. The Jupiter signifies health, wealth, prosperity and fortune. Continue reading “Why Yellow Sapphire is Called Fortune Stone”

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Gemini


Yellow sapphire gemstone is a natural occurring gemstone that belongs to the corundum family. As, it is clear from the name that yellow sapphire is a sapphire gemstone. And, sapphires are known for their excellent color and physical properties.

Thus, yellow sapphire is also a special gemstone that embodies all the enrich properties of the sapphire stones. The hardness of yellow sapphire gemstone is 9.0 on moh scale and the refractive index of the stone is 3.99 to 4.01.  Continue reading “Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Gemini”

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Scorpio


Yellow Sapphire stone is an appealing gemstone of yellow color. The stone is really spell-bound due to its distinct color characteristics and various cuts so that it generally draws the attention of each pair of eyes around it instinctively. Thus, because of above reason, it is not far-fetched to say that this stone is chiefly being used by people especially women to fix modern yellow sapphire stone in various jewelry items such as engagement rings, necklace or bracelet wedding rings. Besides this, the above mentioned primary usage of this stone. Continue reading “Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Scorpio”

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Sagittarius

Yellow Sapphire-For-Sagittarius

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is engrossing gem amidst of all gemstones due to its appealing color characteristics and effective astrological properties. The yellow color appears trendy and sophisticated at the same time thus compel a person to crave fr this stone. Moreover, by virtue of its exotic color people generally women cheers to wear this lovely gemstone in the form of following jewelry items such as yellow sapphire engagement ring, yellow sapphire necklace, yellow sapphire bracelet, yellow sapphire pendants etc.. Continue reading “Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Sagittarius”

Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone for Virgo

The planet Jupiter is conferred the status of most benevolent planet among all nine planets or navratans. The reason which justifies the above fact is that Jupiter is being rewarded with the status of “Teacher” among all nine planets. The Jupiter is considered to be the biggest planet and it is being contemplated by astrologers that wearing Jupiter ruled yellow sapphire stone only bestow positive results to its wearer. It does not validate any malefic results for its wearer. Continue reading “Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone for Virgo”

Good Quality Yellow sapphire Gemstone for Taurus

Are you an ascendant of zodiac sign Gemini? And curious to know what are the qualities of your sign which make you stand apart from other zodiac signs? Then you are at right place. In this article, you will be entailed about the traits of Gemini sign and birthstone of Gemini and benefits of wearing yellow sapphire stone for this sign. Continue reading “Good Quality Yellow sapphire Gemstone for Taurus”